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    Information for foreign Students Admission
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Here you can find the admission information for the Greek Higher Education for:

a) Graduates of foreign origin of NON E.U. Lyceums or Equivalent Schools (Secondary Education)
b) Graduates of Lyceums or Equivalent Schools of E.U. Member States (Secondary Education)

According to the Greek law, there is a special process for the admission to the Greek Higher Education for citizens coming either from an E.U. Member State or a non E.U. member state, which differs essentially for the admission system valid for the Greek citizens.

The main characteristic of this special admission system are the following:

1. The Higher Education Institutions in Greece are offering an amount of 10% of the total number of incoming students every year for students coming from E.U. Member States and 2% for students coming from NON E.U. Member States

(According to this regulation, the Ionian University Department of Music Studies is accepting approximately ten (10) students coming from E.U. Member States and two (2) from NON E.U. Member States.)

2. Candidates take no entrance examinations and the selection criterion is the total mark of the entry certificate only for holders of a graduation certificate from a General Lyceum of the Republic of Cyprus, while for candidates from other countries the criterion is the overall mark of their graduation certificate.

3. With regard to their registration, the candidates admitted into a Faculty or a Department, are also required to hold a certificate denoting their command of the Greek language (Level B2). If the candidates do not hold any of these language certificates, they can only enroll in the next academic year of their admission to a Greek University, on condition that they will by then have obtained the prerequisite language certificate. Otherwise, the candidates are disqualified from enrolling. If a candidate holds a graduation certificate either from a Cypriot Lyceum, or from a foreign school attesting that the candidate has been taught and successfully examined in the Greek language, no Greek language certificate is required.

4. Studying in a Greek Higher Education Institution in Greece is free of any kind of fees, for citizens coming form E.U. Member States.

5. Studying in a Greek Higher Education Institution in Greece is free of any kind of fees, for citizens coming form NON E.U. Member States (Information update 2018).

At the top of this web page you can find all the information about the admission process.

For any additional information or support, the foreign candidates can contact Associate Professor Jiannis Toulis:

Updated: 06-03-2018
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