Studios and Electronic Equipment

For the theoretical training and practical experience of students in various areas of Music Technology, the music department is equipped with the following:

Computer Music Studio includes five workstations (MacOS and Windows environments). Each of these workstations is equipped with important commercial computer music applications as well as specialized music computing software. In addition, the studio is equipped with two Apple Powerbook laptops connected to MOTU896 units in order to cover needs outside the studio.

Electroacoustic Music Studio is an 8-track facility based on an Apple Macintosh computer working in combination with important music processing environments (ex. LogicPro, Steinberg Nuendo etc.) and the KYMA sound processing system. The monitor system includes ATC and Genelec loudspeakers.

The Sound Production Studio is a basic sound studio which is mainly used for the introduction to sound engineering students. It is a two track facility based on a MacOSX - MOTU896 system, collaborating with a Tascam digital board.

The Analogue Studio includes a complete analogue recording system and an analogue synthesiser. This studio is used for the undergraduate students’ training in sound engineering and their initiation in electronic music.

The Synthesis/Multimedia Studio operates in a Windows environment. This studio incorporates both commercial music technology applications as well as sound and video post software and also the possibility of mixing in a 5.1 surround environment. It addresses the needs of Music and Multimedia classes for both undergraduate and graduate students.

All studios are supervised by Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab..

Contact: Dionyssis Batjakis, Studio Director
Tel.: 30-26610-87532

Updated: 24-01-2017
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