Erasmus+ Placements


The Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University (DMS) in the framework of its strategic dogma of offering international music studies in Greece, wants to offer the opportunity for undergraduates, graduate or postgraduate students from European Higher Music Education Institutions the opportunity to have a first work experience abroad for two (2) to twelve (12) months, which will help them to enrich their CV.

Furthermore, the DMS is eager to benefit from the added value that trainees will bring to both the academic community and the academic process itself.

The DMS offers to all the interns during their internship:

1. A Student ID card which gives them access to all the services offered to the regular students of the Ionian University (access to the student restaurant of the Ionian University, reduced fare on public transport, email account, e.t.c)
2. In cooperation with the teaching staff of the Department, the ability to attend lessons of their instrument or any other course offered by the Curriculum
3. Assistance for housing solutions before and after their arrival

How to Apply:

Candidates must send:

1. The Department of Music Studies Internship Application Form

  doc  Erasmus+ Placements Application Form
Updated: October 2015 :: Size: 988 KB :: Type: Word document

2. a letter of recommendation from a professor of your institution.

3. Upon acceptance, a tailor-made Training Agreement will be signed (including the program of the placement and the recognition arrangements) for each student and the adequate mentoring arrangements.

Erasmus+ Permanent Placements Offers

  pdf  Internship Offer For Jazz Double Bass Accompanists and Teaching Assistants
Updated: October 2015 :: Size: 157.65 KB :: Type: PDF document
  pdf  Internship Offer For Jazz Drums Accompanists and Teaching Assistants
Updated: October 2015 :: Size: 157.7 KB :: Type: PDF document
  pdf  Internship Offer For Piano Accompanists
Updated: October 2015 :: Size: 157.54 KB :: Type: PDF document
  pdf  Internship Offer For a String Quartet in Residence
Updated: October 2015 :: Size: 158.84 KB :: Type: PDF document

Updated: 24-01-2017
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