Sheila Morits-Vordonis

Field: Practical Music Instruction
Rank: EEP
Telephone:+30 2661087525

Morits-Vordonis Sheila

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Moritz Margareta 

Field :  Practical  Musical Training

Grade:  Qualified Training Staff

Government Gazette:  G.G. 60/17-03-2003

Telephone number:  2661087525


Office hours:  Wednesday - Friday  10.00 - 11:00


●    MUS 101-201-301-401-501-601-701-801 Piano I-VIII

●    MUS 317-417-517-615 Piano for Music Educators

●    MUS 616-713-814 Piano for Composers

Studies / Education 

2002:       Doctoral Degree  of the Music Academy G.DΙΜΑ of Romania, with specialization in  Music, dissertation title:« The activation of aesthetic categories in the art of piano performing»,  (recognition of equivalence by Ionian University , number  of decision: 6th session General Meeting, Corfu 13-12-2002.( L. 3027/2002, no.5, par.3) 

1987:        Post Graduate Degree ( Μaster of Arts) of the Music Academy G.DΙΜΑ of Romania with specialization in:  Music- Piano. Degree Grade: magna cum laude « 10 » (recognition of equivalence by   d.o.a.t.a.p*., register number.11/26-2-88.) 

*organization for the recognition of Degrees from foreign Institutions 

1982:         Graduation Degree(BACALAUREAT ) of Art Senior High School, field:

   Music, major: Piano.

                  (equivalence Ο.Ε.Ε.Κ.αρ.πρ.Φ.378/Ζ2/9941.1-7-1997)

1982:          Professional pianist certification, Ministry of Education, Romania

1994:          Certification of excellent command of written and spoken Greek 

                   ( Senior Secondary Education Certificate, 4th Senior High School of Trikala )                                                                             

Artistic work

●    Personal concerts, chamber music concerts and as a soloist accompanied by orchestras. 

●    Organizer and curator of music events by students of the  Department of Music Studies of Ionian University and  by professors and students of Ionian Academy of Music.

 2000 :  Compact discs, CD, 1.    PIANO WORKS    CMP Company, RO

                                           2.   SPRING WATERS  CMP Company, RO  

Research / Artistic Interests

●    Recording of Ionian Islands composers with opuses  for voice and piano.

Social Activities

2003-2007:  Member of  the Board of Directors  of the Symphonic Orchestra of the    municipality of Corfu.( αρ. απ. 9-165/3-4-2003)

2008-2013:  Art director of Ionian Music Academy.

Professional  Career

2003-today:  Special Teaching Staff of the Department of Music Studies of Ionian  University.                                      

1995-2002:    Professor (Π.Δ 407/80) of the Department of Music Studies of Ionian University.          

1996- 2013:   Ionian Music Academy of Corfu , Teaching , piano school curator, member of the artistic committee of the Music Academy.                                    

1995-1996:    Music Junior & Senior High School of Corfu 

1989-1991:    Aristotle Music Academy of Trikala


Updated: 30-03-2017

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