Minas Emmanouil

Rank: Assistant Professor (tenured)
Government Gazette: 422/14-2-2019/τ. Β'
Telephone:+30 2661087522
Email: eminas@ionio.gr

Emmanouil Minas

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Minas Emmanouil


Art and Technology in Composition and Sound Projection of Music in Performing Arts.


Assistant Professor

Government Gazette:

422/14-02-2019/τ. Β'

Tel. number:






Office hours:

Monday 10.00-12.00 am.



·         Electroacoustic Technology and Event Support (Live Sound Reinforcement)

·         Electronic Music and Performance Arts

·         Basic applications of Digital Technology in Music

·         Music Technology

·         Specialized Music Production Techniques

·         Music Technology Teaching I & II

·         Diploma Thesis Music Production I

·         Diploma Thesis Music Production II

·         Teaching in Postgraduate programs of DMS and other departments of the Ionian University


Studies / Education

2016: Doctoral dissertation (in progress). Ionian University, Department of Music Studies, Corfu.

2002: MA in Composition (Electroacoustic). CITY UNIVERSITY, London, Department of Music (Distinction).

2000: Degree in Music Studies. Ionian University.

1998: Summer Academy in Music Technology and Acoustics, ‘IRCAM’ Institute for Music and Acoustics Research, Paris.

1992: Degree in Music Harmony, ‘Romanos o Melodos’ Conservatory, Athens.


Research / Artistic Work

·         Since 2004, music composition and sound design for a variety of performance arts works, in collaboration with well-known actors, directors, dance groups, as well as cultural institutions in Greece, such as the Athens & Epidaurus Festival (2017), the Onassis Foundation Cultural Center “STEGI” (2014-15) and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (2020).

·         Since 2001, participation in record works as a musician and as a producer.

·         ARTE270o [Artificial Restoration of Transmuted Environments]

Audiovisual immersion environment. Participation in the design and implementation team [M. Emmanuel (MA), A. Loufopoulos (PhD), Th. Marangos (MSc).

·         External Collaborator in the Program "Promotion of the Technological Institute of Ionian Islands as an International Pole of Education and Innovation", Action.12: "Opticoacoustic Ecology: Capturing the natural environment of the Ionian Sea in the form of a digital museum of environmental education". Participated in the actions: "Detailed Recording Plan", "Recording & Recording of primary audio and visual material & its digital processing (artistic creation - cd)", "Series of audiovisual works in digital form".

·         Co-author of the book entitled: 'Mikis Theodorakis', series "Leaders", M. Emmanouil, X. Baloti, published by SABBALAS, Athens 2005, ISBN: 960-423-685-7, ISBN 13: 978-960- 423-685-5

·         Composition of music and organization of live musical activities in the educational - music theater workshop of mixed groups of hearing and deaf children. Onassis Foundation Cultural Center “STEGI” & Theatrical group ‘Plefsis’, Athens 2014 & 2015.

Research  / Artistic  Interests

·         The major part of his research work is focused in Electronic Music composition and sound design for the performing arts and artistic installations, as well as in 3D audio systems.


Professional Career

In 2006 he started his collaboration as a Laboratory Associate (Sound Engineering and Music Technology courses) at the Department of Sound Technology and Musical Instruments of the Technological Institute of the Ionian Islands, where in July 2018 he was elected in the rank of the Assistant Professor. Today, he continues as a faculty member in the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University while he is practicing as a music producer in studios in Athens and as a sound engineer in concerts.




Updated: 29-03-2023

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