Menelaos-Dimitrios Kountouras

Field: Applied Teaching of the Flute
Rank: EEP

Kountouras Menelaos-Dimitrios

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                                                                  N a m e     S u r n a m e


Applied teaching of the flute



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904/14-04-2021, τ.Γ’

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·         Recorder

·         Baroque flute

·         Ensembles

·         Medieval and Renaissance music

·         Historical performance practice – 17th and 18th c.



Studies / Education

1995-2001: Studies on recorder, traverso and Early music performance practice at the Utrecht School of the Arts, (Masters in performance, 2001)

Studies on early flutes, recorder and Early music at the Early Music Institute of the Music Academy of Milan, on a Marco Fodella Scholarship.

Studies on historical flutes at the Conservatorium of Vienna

Studies on Medieval and Renaissance music (Master of Early Music) at the Trossingen School of Music, Germany.

2013 PhD on historical musicology from the University of Athens

2016 Post-doc scholar


Research / Artistic  Work

Discography / CD (selection)

·         Music in the Court of Lusignan: the Codex of Cyprus, Nefeli, 2021.

·         Lethe: in the courts of the Orient, Carpe Diem Records Berlin, 2020.

·         Mneme: early music from the Medietteranean, Carpe Diem Records Berlin, 2015.

·         Nell’ autunno di Bisaznio: Guillaume Dufay between East and West, Talanton, 2010.



Research  / Artistic  Interests

·         Historical flutes and recorders

·         Historical performance practice up to the 18th century

·         Renaissance humansim and music

·         Medieval music and poetry, ancient languages

·         Troubadours and the Crusades



Professional  Career

Since 2001 he is the founder and artistic director of the ensemble Ex Silentio and performs as Duo Goliardi with the accordionist K.Raptis. He performed in venues and festivals in many European countries, in the Middle and the Far East, such as Sala Verdi in Milan, Pablo Casals hall in Tokyo, Konzerthaus in Vienna, Megaron in Athens etc. He collaborated with the baroque orchestras Armonia Atenea and Harmony of Nations and with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. 2011-2013 he took part in the European tour of the prize winning production of “Alessandro” by G.Fr.Handel (Versailles, Paris, A’dam,Bruxelles,Moscow, Bucarest, Vienna etc.) 

Since 2015 he is co-ordinator and teacher at the Athens Conservatoire and at the University of Macedonia. He taught at the Aristotle University and gave lectures and seminars at the Kings College of London, at the Conservatoire of Lugano, at the “Music village” of Pelion and at the Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneve where he also directed the Baroque Orchestra of HEM.    

Since 2020 he is teaching early flutes and recorder at the Ionian University.



Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Greek (native)



Updated: 28-04-2021

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