Mitsi Akogiounoglou

Field: Music Therapy and Music Didactics
Rank: Assistant Professor
Government Gazette: 1168/18-5-2022/τ. Γ΄
Telephone:+30 2661087522

Akogiounoglou Mitsi

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Assistant Professor

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Monday, 14:30-16:00



·         [MUS329]

·         [MUS515]

·         [MUS809] Introduction to Music Therapy

·         [MUS901] Thesis project  Ι

·         [MUS1001] Thesis project ΙΙ



Studies / Education

2020: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Ionian University

2014: PhD, Music Therapy, Ionian University

2006: Piano Diploma, Athenaeum Conservatory

1990: Master of Music, Music Therapy, Michigan state University

1987: Bachelor of Music, Music Therapy, Michigan state University

1985: Piano Degree, National Conservatory of Athens




Research Work (recent publications)

·         Akoyunoglou, Μ. & Domnina, N.  (2021). “Corona-lessons” for reaching socially disadvantaged in the hybrid music classroom. In M. Pabst-Krueger & A. Ziegenmeyer (eds.), Perspectives for music education in schools after the pandemic (pp. 61-71), Publication of Music Teacher Associations in Europe.

·         Akoyunoglou, M. (2020). Exploring the function of the female lamenter in the bereavement process: A case study in Chios Island, Series Musicologica Balcanica, 1(1) (2020).

·         Akoyunoglou, Μ. (2020). Post-doctoral research. «The female lamenter in the individual and communal pain of loss: The narrative identity of the Chios’ lamenter and her “voice” in bereavement. Department of Music Studies, Ionian University  (supervisor  Ι. Etmektsoglou)

·         Akoyunoglou, Μ. (2020). The lament in recent years in villages of Chios Island (a timeless collective art against death). In Ε. Kallimopoulou & A. Theodosiou (eds.), Music Communities in Greece in the 21st century: Ethnographic views and listenings, (pp. 313-338). Athens: Pedio Publ.

·         Akoyunoglou, M. (2019). The "Circle of Music" with refugee children in Chios Island: Description and reports of three years field work. In Th. Raptis & D. Koniari (eds.). Music Education and Society: new challenges, new directions. Proceedings, 8th Conference of the Greek Society for Music Education, Thessaloniki: E.E.M.E. (94-101).

·         Akoyunoglou, Μ., Etmektsoglou, Ι. & Papanikolaou, Ε. (2019). Music Therapy: A brief report on education. In L. Giotis, D. Maravelis, A. Pantagoutsou & E. Giannouli (eds.), The Contribution of Psychotherapies through the Arts in Psychiatric Therapies, Athens: BETA Medical Publs. (356-359).

·         Akoyunoglou, M. (2018). Designing and implementing a group music therapy module for unaccompanied refugee minors in Chios Island. Research funded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Greece

Research  Interests

·         Distance learning in music class

·         Inclusive music pedagogy

·         Universal Design for Learning in music class

·         Community music

·         Music therapy with unaccompanied refugee minors

·         Music Therapy Bereavement Counseling

·         The Chios lament in the bereavement process

Professional  Career

2020-to date:  Lecturer, Department of Music Studies, Ionian University

2018-2020:      Academic Scholar, Department of Music Studies, Ionian University

2020-to date:  Lecturer, KEDIVIM, Department of Music Studies, Ionian University

2016-to date:  Lecturer, Graduate program, Music Pedagogy, Ionian University

1991-to date:  Piano professor, Aigeas/Filippos Nakas Conservatory, Chios

1991-to date:  Music Therapist, Aigeas/Filippos Nakas Conservatory, Chios

1993-2008:      Musician, composer, collaborations with the Municipal Regional Theatre of 

                          North Aegean

*Ενδεικτική παράθεση χρονολογιών.


Updated: 07-11-2022

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