Ioanna Etmektsoglou

Field: Psychology of Music
Rank: Associate Professor
Government Gazette: 1259/6-12-2017/τ. Γ΄
Telephone:+30 2661087531
Fax: 2661026024

Etmektsoglou Ioanna

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                                                                  Ioanna Etmektsoglou


Psychology of Music


Associate Professor

Government Gazette:

1259 6_12_17 Τ γ

Tel. number:

26610-87531, -47391




Office hours:

Wednesday 15.00 - 16.30



•        Introduction to Psychology of Music MUS 508

•        Educational Psychology of Music MUS 605

•        Music in Special Education MUS 709

•        Introduction to Music Therapy MUS 809

•        Sound - Communication - Environment MUS 810

•        Music Ensemble ((Guitar Express) MUS 113, MUS 213

•        Thesis I -in Music Science (Special Issues in Music Psychology) MUS 901


Studies / Education

2007:  Master of Arts –Distinction (Music Therapy), Anglia Ruskin University

1992: Ph.D. (Education, Curriculum and Instruction), University of Illinois:

1987: Master of Science (Music Education), University of Illinois

1986: Bachelor of Science -High Honors, (Music Education), University of Illinois


Research / Artistic  Work

Selected recent Publications:


•   Etmektsoglou, I. Dionyssiou, Z. & Mniestris, A. (2019). A sound-based education for listening, appreciating and co-creating the soundscapes we live in. Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Laboratory (EΡHMEE), Department of Music, Ionian University. Funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union. Ebook:


•   Etmektsoglou, I., Kerzeli, K., Vlachoutsou, K. (2019). Guitar Express: Accompanied “Songs of Deserts” as Oases in Life-long Memory Journeys. Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education, 18 (2): 25-56. doi: 10.22176act18.2.25.



Selected Artistic Works:


•  “Swifts: Corfu’s Soundmark”. Music Theatre performance based on I. Etmektsoglou’s story “Apus Pappous and Pappous Apus”. Music: I. Etmektsoglou & M. Damigos. Director: Ch. Avlonity. Municipal and Regional Theatre of Corfu - Children’s Theatre. (Corfu, 2019, 2020).


•  “Kratisou Pano mou”. (music CD and children’s story). Created by “Don Echotes”. General Production: I. Etmektsoglou. (Corfu, 2016, Lorandou Publications).


Research  / Artistic  Interests

•        Acoustic Ecology in formal and informal education

•        Issues of ethics of sound/music in private and public places

•        Music, Diversity, Inclusion.

•        Community Music (Group learning of singing and plucked string instruments by non-musicians of various age-groups through alternate tunings. Interactive music education performances and children’s music theatre).

•        Music Therapy and Mental Health


Professional  Career

1995-today: Teaching Staff, Department of Music, School of Audio-Visual Arts, Ionian University

1993: Centre of Contemporary Music Research, Athens

1988-1991: Teaching Assistant for the course Music for Orchestra and Conducting II. Music Education, University of Illinois


Updated: 20-12-2023

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