13th Audiovisual Arts Festival [6-12 May 2019, Corfu]

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Start: 06-05-2019 |End: 12-05-2019

Festival's official website:

Festival's detailed description:

Festival's detailed schedule:

The two departments of the Faculty of Music and Audiovisual Arts, the Department of Audio and Visual Arts (AVARTS) and the Department of Music Studies (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, EPHMEE) of the Ionian University join once again forces in order to organize the 13th annual Audiovisual Arts Festival, held from May 6 το May 12, 2019, in Corfu.

Including a wide range of artistic, educational and scientific activities, the festival’s program provides the students of both Departments an opportunity to present their creative work.

The schedule includes:

Contact: av-fest@ionio.gr

The trailer of the 13th Festival
The production belongs to students of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts under the supervision of Konstantinos Tiligadis

Marinos Pavlidis: Direction, Montage, 3D Graphics
Sofi Moutafi: Actor
Konstantina Gavriilidou: Script, Art assistant
Mery Masloumidi: Sound Design


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