Animation Festival ICONA [Corfu, 29/11-1/12/2019]

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Start: 28-11-2019 |End: 01-12-2019
    Festival Schedule
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The first Ionian Contemporary Animation Festival ICONA 2019, organized by the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University (within the framework of the CIAK Intereg program) will take place in Corfu from the 29th of November until the 1st of December 2019.

Program Scientific Supervisor: Michail Panagopoulos, Assistant Professor, Ionian University

Website ICONA 2019

Although competition was fierce, the committee's work was successfully completed with a selection of 135 films - 72 short films and 63 student films – from 48 countries. The screenings will begin on Friday morning and will end on Sunday evening with the Awards Ceremony and there is a free entrance to all events. The festival schedule also include interesting tributes.

Select your winner for every screening!
During the screening sessions, an online movie voting system will be available, in order to vote your three favorite movies.
At the entrance and before each session, you will be presented with detailed instructions via a short URL and a QR code.

Festival Schedule:

Festival Tributes: 

List of tributes:

  1. Greek Animation Festival - Tribute: Animasyros International Animation Festival
  2. Greek Animation Festival - Tribute 1: Τhessaloniki Animation Festival (TAF) - Human Rights Animated
  3. Greek Animation Festival - Tribute 2: Τhessaloniki Animation Festival (TAF) - Awards 2019
  4. Greek Animation Festival - Tribute: Chaniartoon International Comic & Animation Festival
  5. Department of Graphic Design and Visual Communication in collaboration with MIO - ECSDE - Tribute: The protection of fresh water in the Mediterranean countries
  6. Award-Winning Greek animators - Tribute: Nassos Vakalis, Antonis Ntoussias, Effie Pappa, Fokion Xenos, Giannis Ziogkas
  7. Greek Union of Animation - Tribute: ASIFA Hellas World Animation Day Movies

The opening ceremony will take place on Friday the 29th of November 2019, 5 p.m. at ceremony hall of the Ionian Academy (Kapodistriou and Akadimias Street, Corfu).

Director of ICONA Festival
Konstantinos Tiligadis
, Ionian University

Festival Jury:
Vassilis Karamitsanis, Animasyros
Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos, University of the Aegean
Konstantinos Tiligadis, Ionian University

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