A sample of the new direction of Music Production at the Music Department of the Ionian University

Posted: 28-01-2021 10:12 | Views: 7504

The video of RH Factor's "Crazy Race", as performed by students of the Department of Music Studies, is a first sample of the new direction of Music Production at the Ionian University in collaboration with the Jazz department.

The direction of Music Production started at the Department of Music Studies in 2018, and offers a high level of technical knowledge for all stages of music production, while supporting the development of high aesthetic and artistic criteria.






Anastasia Konstantinidou - Vocals
Nikos Skenderis - Drums
Prodromos Digkas - Bass
Kostas Katsonis - Guitar
Alexandros Lykothanasis - Keys
Marios Augerinos - Trombone
Dimos Dimitriadis - Saxophone


Video direction and edit: Lyda Eustathiou


Recording and mixing: Giorgos Dekos



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