A Music Festival to celebrate the 15 years of the Music Studies Department

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The Music Studies Department of the Ionian University is this year celebrating its fifteen years of fruitful and creative contribution to university level music education in Greece.

What better way to celebrate this important mark in the department’s progress than a Music Festival. From June 1st to June 9th the department’s potential will outline the persistent and arduous work which has been done these fifteen years in a series of events, concerts and a conference.

The rich, high-level and yet attractive programme which will be presented highlights the special traits of a Music Department which simultaneously offers the programme and the substructure of a musical academy combined with the comprehensiveness of a university.

We want to celebrate the department’s course up to this point with our fellow citizens and reaffirm the vigour, the constant evolution and the future prospects of this path.

The programme

June 1st – Ionian Academy
20.00 Opening of the exhibition «15 Years of Musical Creation and Education»
21.00 Ionian Brass Ensemble concert

June 2nd – Ionian Academy
20.00 Vice-rector of the Ionian University Prof. Charis Xanthoudakis will hold a speech titled “The Music Studies Department of the Ionian University: 15 years of service to university level music education”
21.00 A tribute to French music – Concert of the Music Studies Department’s Symphonic Orchestra and Choir

June 3rd – Agios Georgios, Old Fortress
20.30 Baroque Music Concert – Ionian Old Music Ensemble, soloists and the department’s Voice Ensemble.

June 4th – Ionian Academy
21.00 Chamber music concert with department ensembles – Woodwind Instrument and String Ensembles

June 5th – Ionian Academy
21.00 Ionian Piano Quartet Concert

June 6th and June 7th – Ionian Academy
20.00 to 23.00 Interactive Installations, Virtual Environments, Electroacoustic Music Concerts

June 8th – Ionian Academy
21.00 A concert by the department’s Improvisation Ensemble

June 9th – Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens
Conference “Music Education in Greece: from yesterday to tomorrow”

More information on specific events can be found in the Greek version of the website.

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