Indicative Curriculum

The Indicative Curriculum contains all the courses that are offered for the three Majors, except for some required electives which relate to the Performance Major and can be found in the Detailed Curriculum of the Major. The courses are divided into three main categories:

  • Required: indicated as "R". Refers to courses which are compulsory.
  • Required Electives: indicated as "RΕ". Refers to courses which are a prerequisite for the chosen Final Project Course. The Final Project Courses together with the list of prerequisite courses can be found in the Detailed Curriculum of each of the three Majors.
  • Electives: indicated as "E". These are freely chosen courses, additional to the R and RE courses. These are chosen in order to complete the required number of 30 ECTS units per semester, after the students sum up their total number of credits from the Required and the Required Elective courses. In general, all the courses offered in the Indicative Curriculum of the three Majors can be chosen as electives..

The courses which are referred in the Indicative Curriculum under a general title (“Foreign Language”, “Musical Instrument”, “Music Ensemble”, or “Pedagogy and Teaching Practice of Orchestral Conducting/Choral Conducting/Singing Technique/Instrument”) are clearly defined in the specified subjects and acquire separate titles, such as: “English I”. “Violin I”, “Byzantine Chant IV» or «Pedagogy and Teaching Practice of Piano ΙΙΙ».


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