The Symphony Orchestra was founded by Haris Xanthoudakis and Miltos Logiadis in 2000. Students studying various orchestral instruments (woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion) participate. The repertoire of the orchestra is wide and includes works from the Baroque era to today. The orchestra has has an active programme of concerts, the most significant ones being the performances at the Athens Concert Hall in December 2002 and January 2004.
Conductor: Miltos Logiadis.

The University Choir was created by Michalis Adamis in 1992 just after the establishment of the department. Since then choral directors have been Miranda Caldi who taught and directed the Choir until 2001 and Yiouli Papaioannou. With a repertoire spanning from the Renaissance to Contemporary music, the Choir has more than 200 performances in Corfu, Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Mytilini and Volos. Included in their recordings are works by Franciscos Leondaritis and the Latin Mass of Yannis Christou.
Director: Miranda Caldi.

The repertoire of the Vocal Ensemble consists mainly of works from the Renaissance Baroque and the 20th century. Participantion is mostly from more advanced students. Representative works: “Masses” and motets by Franciscos Leondaritis (first world presentation and recording), “Jerome the Singer” and “Pictures from an Exhibition” by Haris Xanthoudakis for vocal ensemble and electronics, “Mass” by G. Voutsinas and “The Funeral of Sarpidonos” by I. Papaioannou (included in the collection “Instead of a Dream”, Works by Greek Composers, 19th – 20th century, Cultural Olympiad 2004).
Director: Miranda Caldi.

The Ionian Early Music Ensemble was founded in 2000 by teaching staff. Performances of early music are based on the research carried out in performing practices from the Renaissance to the late Baroque. The Ionian Early Music Ensemble has performed “Dido and Aeneas” by H. Purcell (a co-production with the Corfu Municipal Regional Theathre, Corfu 2002), at the “Brach International Music Days”(Germany, August 2003 and 2004), at the “Culture Days 2003” (Fichtelberg, Germany) under the auspices of Collegium Musicum Pro Europa, and in seminars and concerts at Bowling Green State University (USA, October 2004).

The Ionian Chamber Music Ensemble was created by Spyros Gikondis (violin), Andreas Georgotas (viola), Yannis Youlis (cello), and Lambis Vasiliadis (piano). The Ensemble performs works based on its research into perfoming practices. They have given many concerts and master classes at home and abroad and their recordings have been praised in the BBC Magazine, Gramophone, Journal of the American Viola Society, and Strad Magazine.

The Ionian Brass Ensemble was created in 1998 by Socrates Anthis. Members of the teaching staff and students of the Department as well as students from the music schools and the Philharmonic bands of Corfu participate.
One of the aims of the ensemble is to promote chamber music for brass in Greece. The composition of works for brass by Greek composers is also promoted. Arrangements for this ensemble are also often made by the composition students of the department.
Director: Socrates Anthis.

The Ionian Brass Quintet forms part of the Ionian Brass Ensemble and focuses on promoting music for small ensembles such as brass quintets.
Students of the Department participate in this quintet. The repertoire is maily comprised of classical works and works by Greek composers. The quintet performs regularly.
Artistic supervision: Socrates Anthis
Coordination: Kostas Kardamis.

The Ionian Jazz Ensemble was created in 2001 by Demos Dimitriadis and its repertoire includes works and arrangements by the Department’s students.
Concerts include: “Demetria” Ethno-Jazz Festival, Municipality of Thessaloniki, events organized by the Municipality of Athens, Arts Organization-Municipality of Volos, “Jazz&Τζαζ Magazine 10th Anniversary Festival”, Corfu, Lefkada, Crete.
The Ionian Jazz Ensemble CD was produced in collaboration with the Jazz&Τζαζ Magazine, issue 120 (March 2003) and has been mentioned numerous times in press and radio broadcasts.
Direction: Demos Dimitriadis.

The Free Improvisation Ensemble was created in 2000 by Demos Dimitriadis and Andreas Mniestris in order to function as a meeting place for jazz, classical, traditional, rock and electronic music improvisation.
The Ensemble has performed in Corfu and other places in Greece and has had collaborations with Gunter Sommer, Savina Yannatou, Sakis Papadimitriou, Nikos Veliotis, Joe Tornabene, Nikos Touliatos and Floros Floridis. Performances are usually concerts with silent movies and performing arts.
Direction: Demos Dimitriadis and Andreas Mniestris.

Medieval and Renaissance Secular Ensemble
The ensemble was initiated by Irmgard Lerch-Kalavridinou in 1994. It gives students the opportunity to have practical experience in the repertoire of these periods and also to study some of the wind instruments of the period. (various recorders and crumhorns). The ensemble has participated in concerts in Corfu, Patras and Crete.

Contact: Giorgos Fragkiskos
Tel.: 30-26610-87504
Email: giorgos@ionio.gr

Updated: 24-01-2017
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