International Collaborations

Erasmus+ Coordinator: Elli-Maria Georgiadou, Assoc. Professor

Over the years, the Department of Music Studies (D.M.S.) of the Ionian University has developed a large network of international co-operations, ensuring its representation in the most important international forums, in order to follow the developments concerning the curricula on employability and entrepreneurship in the field of music studies.

As part of its strategic planning, the Department of Music of the Ionian University works intensively towards the provision of internationalised music studies in Greece, through the development of artistic synergies/collaborations, aiming to serve and feature as a reference point in the academic research, artistic creation and development of innovative curricula within the wider region of the Mediterranean. One of our most significant achievements towards this aim was the founding of the Mediterranean Network for Music.

Since 1999, the D.M.S. has hosted over 250 visiting academics from universities and music academies abroad, which is corresponding to 12 visiting academics per year. Equally, every year, 30% of its teaching staff is visiting on professional grounds various Academic Research Centers, Conservatories, Music Academies and Universities abroad. 

Memberships in international organisations

1. Active member of the Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC): Professor Charalampos Xanthoudakis, who has also been a member of its Board
D.M.S. representative: Ioannis Toulis, Asst. Professor

2. Active member of the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ)
D.M.S. representative: Dimos Dimitriadis, As. Professor, Secretary of IASJ

D.M.S. participation in international projects and forums

1. Polifonia Project
Representative: Ioannis Toulis, Asst. Professor

2. Pop and Jazz Platform (PJP) της AEC
Representative: Dimos Dimitriadis, As. Professor

International Cooperations

1. International Cooperations in the framework of Erasmus+
2. International Cooperations outside Erasmus+:

-V. Saradjishvili State Conservatoire Tbilisi

-Frederick University of Cyprus

Participation in LLLP / Erasmus Intensive Programs

1. "La Follia, a post-modern journey in improvised Early Music"


Institutions Participated:
- Escola Superior de Musica Lisboa (Portugal)
- Hochschule fuer Musik “Franz Liszt” Weimar (Germany)
- “Jazepts Vitols” Latvian Academy of Music Riga (Latvia)
- Escola Superior de Musica, Artes e Espectaculo Porto (Portugal)
- Ionian University, Department of Music Studies Corfu (Greece)

D.M.S. Delegates:
Katerina Michopoulou, Asst. Professor
Ioannis Toulis, Asst. Professor

2. Mediterranean Sounds Festival


Institutions Participated:
- Conservatorio Superior de Música de Murcia – Murcia (Spain)
- University of Malta, Music Studies Programme – Malta (Malta)
- Ionian University, Department of Music Studies – Corfù (Greece)
- Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory – Ankara (Turkey)

D.M.S. Delegates:
Panagiotis Vlangopoulos, Asst. Professor
Elli Maria Georgiadou, E.E.DI.P
Christos Sakelaridis, P.D. 407/80

3. Moving Music


Institutions Participated:
- Universitatea Nationala ''I.L. CA RAGIALE' din Bucuresti (Rumania)
- Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
- Ionian University, Department of Music Studies, Corfu (Greece)
- Griechishe Kulturstiftung Berlin (Germany)
- Mimar Sinan Guezel Sanatlar Ueniversitesi, Istanbul (Turkey)
- Darjavna Musikalna Akademia ''PA NCHO VLADIGEROV'', Sofia (Bulgaria)

D.M.S. Delegates:
Dimitris Marangopoulos, Professor

Updated: 24-01-2017
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