The activities of the departmental staff are focused on the research of archival material and in the promotion of musicological dialogue in the areas covered by its programme of studies. Conferences, lectures and educational seminars are offered by members of the teaching staff and graduate research students. Eminent figures from abroad are also invited.

These activities include:

  • An international conference on “Music during the Greek Enlightment”, Corfu 1995,
  • two international conferences on “Issues of Modern Music History”, Corfu in 1999 and 2000,
  • an international conference on “Romanticism and Nationalism in Music”, Corfu 2000,
  • two symposia on Music Computing, Corfu in 1998 and 2000,
  • a conference during the three day event on electronic music, Corfu 2002.
    • Some Views on Hellenisn in Music (Athens 2006).
    • Music Therapy and other Music Approaches for Children and Young People with Special Needs (Corfu 2006).
    • 1st Conference of Acoustic Ecology (Corfu 2007).

Internationally acclaimed experts include, Leon Platinga (Yale University), Jim Samson and David Charlton (Royal Holloway), Martin Zench, Konstantinos Floros (Hamburg University), Georgos Leotsakos, R. Murray Schafer, Nigel Frayne.

Contact: Georgia Zervou
Tel. 30-26610-87504

Updated: 24-01-2017
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