AVARTS: Multimedia Electronic Opera Performance Project "Salt Itinerary" - 12/02/2020, Ionian Academy, Corfu

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Important Date: 12-02-2020


The Department of Audio and Visual Arts hosts the multimedia electronic opera performance project by Miguel and Paula Azguime, "Salt Itinerary", on February 12th 2020, 21:00, at Ionian Academy, Corfu, as part of its cooperation within the EASTN-DC project with scientific coordinator for the Ionian University Mr Ioannis Zannos, Professor of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts.

New op-era by the Miso Ensemble

Miguel Azguime: performance, composition, texts, and concept
Paula Azguime: staging & video creation; sound projection, live-electronics,
Perseu Mandillo: video directing & live video, computer assistant
Andre Bartetzki: video programming
Miso Studio: technical development

Salt Itinerary multimedia opera transcends theatrical and music conventions.
Reflecting on Art and Madness, it revolves around languages, words as meaning and words as sound. Both are used as an extension of the body and melted in the construction of the staging as a tangible projection of the resonance of the words through sound and image.

Live audio and video electronic processing and diffusion of the voice, poetry, gestures, music and the drawings creates a polyphony of senses and a counterpoint of meanings.
Molding sounds, lights, pictures and movements as if being drawn, painted or carved, Salt Itinerary is a powerful, engaging and challenging combination of music and drama by one performer that shapes new grounds in electronic music and breaks boundaries between music, theatre, opera.

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